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Offer 6-month 0% Financing
to Your Customers


Instant Approval Decision

Within seconds, PayBright verifies the customer’s credit
score, identity and payment information, and provides an instant approval of up to

Stack of Tires

6 month 0% financing

Customers split their purchases into easy monthly payments, and pay no interest.

Credit Card

Increase Closing Rate

Get paid right away, while your customers spread their payments over time. Letting
your customers Pay Later with PayBright increases your sales conversion and
average order value.

PayBright Gets You Paid.

• Gets merchants more customers, with high approval rates and zero risk to their business
• Next-day payment to merchant, and the merchant doesn't take on the credit risk of the customer

• Merchants can see sales increases of up to 30%
• Net Promoter Score of 72 among merchants, and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
• Both merchants and customers receive access to their own online portals to monitor loan activity
• Customers receive revolving credit limits can be used for multiple transactions, helping drive repeat purchases.

Start Accepting PayBright Today.

No commitment, No monthly fees, Get started below 
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