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Over 35 million tire searches

What is tire wizard?


Tire Wizard is a web based solution that provides dealerships with their own customizable tire store. Each dealer has the ability to customize their own preferred tires, as well as their own pricing structure. Established in 2011, Tire Wizard has developed into one of the most effective tire quotation tools on the market, and is trusted by a number of vehicle manufacturers including: General Motors, Audi/Volkswagen, Mercedes - Benz, Honda/Acura, Toyota/Lexus, Chrysler, Mazda, and Hyundai.

Serving 1500+ dealers across Canada and the United States

Selling tires
made easy

Increase your tire sales

and provide one place for anyone at your location to quote the right tires in under 5 seconds




The right tires
in seconds
Tire Wizard offers its users a unique and quick experience to filter their search results to the specific tires for their customer’s vehicles. Sort by seasons, tire brands, wheel size and more.
Customized --
Good, Better, Best


Which tires do you prefer? Which are the best quality? Organize your lead tires in seconds to help promote the tires you want to sell.

Pricing Module


Set your own prices with Tire Wizard’s customizable pricing structure. Dealerships have the ability to select the markup of their tire selection, offer rebates straight from the tire manufacturer, and create their own promotions.  

Customized Quoting


Create your quotes to accurately display your dealership’s services. With customized quoting you can up sell required services such as installation and balance, and track the volume of tire quotes.

Buy 3 get 1 free:
and more


Tire Wizard users are able to offer their customers a variety of deals and offers straight from trusted tire manufacturers within their own personalized tool.

More tire leads from your website


Leads are received via email when a customer completes an appointment request or emails a quote. 

Leads recap your retail and rebate information. You can specify which type of lead goes to which person, (Example: appointment request sent to an appointment coordinator.) keep track of your sales and follow up with customers.

Tire Wizard offers dealerships a variety of additional services outside of tire quotation.
Some of these services include:



Give your customers the option to purchase compatible wheels with their vehicle. Our wheel visualizer images allow the customer to view an example of how those wheels would look on their model of vehicle.

Customers can purchase a set of four wheels and a set of four tires together in one bundled package which is manufacturer approved and uniquely priced.

Enable customers to purchase through you accessories made specifically for their model of vehicle. Know which accessory items require installation or additional purchases.

(Select vehicle manufactures only)



Tire Wizard is devoted to making the experience of quoting tires more accurate and efficient for everyone. We strive to meet the needs of each dealership and its customers that rely on our services. Our goal is to create a fluid, multifunctional tool that works for you.


Tire Wizard

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